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N2News is the first place to check when it comes to extending Kodi Entertainment Center software from http://Kodi.tv .  We give you a completely renovated website with unofficial 3rd party addons, plugins, scripts.  A great place to learn, read, and download the latest 3rd Party Kodi Addons, Unofficial Kodi Plugins, and find all the best Repositories that work with Kodi and XBMC.  If you are a beginner with addons this is where you can start learning about installing, downloading, and using all sorts of different addons and plugins for Kodi and XBMC.  This is our guides, instructions, and download links section where you can start by selecting from our unofficial blog about addons, plugins, and scripts for XBMC and Kodi.

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How-To:  Install DailyFlix Kodi Addon
14 February
Written by:
Published in: DailyFlix
This guide is for anyone wishing to install the DailyFlix addon in Kodi or XBMC.  If you run Kodi or XBMC and you want to…
(3 votes)
How-To:  Download & Install Kodi Addons & Plugins
03 February
Written by:
Published in: Kodi Addons & Plugins
This guide will teach you how to properly install any Kodi addon, plugin, or repository file for Kodi Entertainment System or XBMC.  Learn how you…
(7 votes)
How-To:  Install 1Channel Kodi Addon
29 January
Written by:
Published in: 1Channel
If you've already installed the 1Channel repository file but haven't yet installed 1Channel specifically from the Get Addons menu then this guide is for you.…
(9 votes)
How-To:  Uninstall 1Channel Kodi Addon
29 January
Written by:
Published in: 1Channel
Sometimes you'll need to uninstall a Kodi addon or XBMC addon for a number of reasons.  If you don't know how to uninstall an addon…
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