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  • Custom Android Firmware
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  • Custom Android Firmware
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N2News | XBMC, Android TV, FTA, Linux, & Addons

N2Box XBMC Wallpapers

Here's an ongoing post we've made with some of our most popular XBMC wallpapers included on the N2Box XBMC Android TV Box when you first buy it.  

XBMC Wallpapers


More Great wallpapers from N2News that have been used on past installations of XBMC on N2Boxes.  If you like the wallpapers, simply download them from us free of charge they are not only for N2Box users, anyone is welcome to these cool and great HD images for the wallpaper of your Android, Android TV, or XBMC installation.  They all work cool with a middle or bottom menu style screen.

Over the past 2 years we've changed our logo, look, site, and much more to accomidate the masses as N2Box gains more and more popularity but still to this day one of the most popular topics of conversation when a person gets their N2Box is how much they love the wallpaper!  So we've decided we'll post all our biggest and best wallpapers for the n2Box right here for you to download!

xbmc wallpapers



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XBMC can seem a bit hard for the beginner but here at N2News we make XBMC Simple and Easy for all users whether you are a beginner, novice, or expert XBMC user.  Learn how to use XBMC with our easy to understand help and instructions.


XBMC Addons

Not only does N2News offer complete XBMC help, we now give all VIP! Pro members access to our brand new XBMC Addons downloads, repository installer, and XBMC Addon support to help you learn how to use an XBMC Addon.

XBMC Addons

Android TV

N2News VIP! Pro Members will INSTANTLY gain access to Android TV resources, info, guides, & downloads for ROM's, Firmwares, & Apps.  With each VIP! plan is instant help for Android TV boxes & apps in our forum.

Android TV

Free to Air

As we have done for the last decade, N2News still supports all major brands of FTA Receivers for enjoying completely free FTA Satellite TV using a satellite dish, motor, and Free to Air satellite to watch thousands of free signals.


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